Phase 1 Mini Phase Micro Phase Power Phase Junior Phase Strategy


Price : $15 


Rewards :  50 Credit in PTC ADS  , 1000 Website Credit,  1500 Banners Credit, 10 Login Ad Credit, 


Benifits :    Phase 1 have lot of potential if any body who will Join PACADS will purchase Advertising Phase 1 Position will add automatically under Next in Line Member, so he will receive commission which is display in below chart, if you are level one then three people will add under you, when you will complete level 1 then you need to wait for 2nd level turn and in second level 9 members will add under you, this process will continue till 7 level, for more detail please check Phase 1 tree in NEXT IN LINE SECTION, you will receive Commission till 7 levels its up to $4000, But its not fixed or daily income scheme its depend on sale,  if you have multiple positions then you will receive Multiple Commission. when you have $100 you need to put back $20 and you will receive 1 more position on Phase 1, it will help to other members in PACADS and will generate more sales as well as speed up earning process to motivate others members. But this fee is not weekly/Monthly/Yearly fee you need to pay whenever you will earn $100 otherwise this option will not visible on dashboard.