Phase 1 Mini Phase Micro Phase Power Phase Junior Phase Strategy






Members who can't afford expensive Positions Micro phase specially designed for them, Price is only $2.5, Members who are in PACADS making money with PTC we are restricting them withdraw MAXIMUM $3 and participate in PACADS and offering them opportunity to earn money with no investment, as well as Micro phase 1 and Micro Phase is feed matrix for Junior Phase and Mini Phase, When you will cycle on MICRO PHASE  1you will receive 2 positions in Junior Phase and 1 Next MICRO PHASE TREE and when you will cycle Micro Phase you will receive MINI PHASE one position and you are on the way to earn 1 BTC ASAP. 

Daily you can purchase 2 Positions in Micro Phase 1. 




















When you will Cycle Micro Phase 1 above tree you will receive one free Position in below Micro Phase, When you will Cycle below Phase you will receive 1 Mini Phase.