What is Pacific ads?

 PACADS  is a unique  affiliate program, that has a membership community that is oriented for success.  PACADS is not a quick rick scheme its complete advertising platform.

What is Junior Phase ?

Phase is is long term Matrix Program who have 4 Sub levels, its 3 x 4 Company forced matrix .

Do I have to pay monthly subscription?

No. but whenever you receive $100 from system you need to Pay $20 back to system and you will receive 1 position in Phase 1 Level 1.

How do I make money with PACADS?

Purchase advertising on PACADS and earn from new customers when you get them or purchase positions in our unique Matrix/Cycler plans. You will earn everytime you cycled out from our plans. The earnings will be automatically withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet.

What is Minimum and Max Withdraw?

Minimum withdraw is $20 and  Max Limit is $500 per day. $200 is instant and more then $200 will paid within 24 hours after verification.  

What will be benefit to repay again and again $7 when i earn $30?

This is will fill your Junior Phase matrix like rocket, whenever you will earn $30 from this system and you will add $7 again to this system yoo will receve 1 position free in Junior  Phase.

if i will not pay membership fee after earn $30 then what will happen ?

Your account will stop and you cant withdraw. Penalty will start after 48 hours and $5 will deduct from your account, it will deducted till you will pay membership fee.

is it compulsory to purchase all Phases?

No . you can purchase 1 or more its up to you.

Will i receive advertising package with these phases?

Yes you will receive complete advertising package please check plan in home page.

If I choose to quit using your services after I've made a purchase, can I get a refund?

No we dont do refunds. All payments are final because your matrix position already entered the system and we can’t reverse this action.

Is my personal information safe with your company?

Any personal information that you provide to our website is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Do I have to refer members to earn?

No! It's not obligatory, it’s optional, but more active members will speed up the cycling and earn more commissions for you.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your Referral link in Promotional tools after login to your dashboard or you can visit on this link after login

Is PACADS available worldwide?

Yes, PACADS is available to anyone with an internet connection, a BitCoin wallet or Payza wallet and the willingness to become a member.

I am free member how i can earn from PACADS?

You can refer as many as members in Pacads and when they will cycle you will receive Matching bonus which is free for you. every free user can refer unlimited paid referrals and enjoy commission free. but free member can withdraw $2 only, so it is good if you purchase position and then withdraw.


You need to add funds login your account and GO TO MY WALLET >DEPOSIT MONEY,  select your processor PAYZA or COINPAYMENT, if you want add payment from BTC then select coin payment you can add payment from any BTC platform in coin payment, No matter you are in blockchain or Coinbase or whatever wallet you have in BTC. you just need to Select Coinpayment complete form with your name and email, select coin and click on complete check out, it will give you BTC Address where you need to send money, Please select exact amount.  or you need to add funds via payza.

When This system will work Like Rocket and how?

Pacads system need at least 5000 active  members who have at least 1 position in Junior Plan,  PACADS management decide to share our revenue to PACADS and add 1000 members every month in pacads to reach in peak level our target is 10,000 members in PACADS which should be active and paid membership fee on time, system will work like rocket, again and again position will generate and peopel will earn money, but we need support from yoru side in this matter try to add as many as paid referrals who can only afford $5. 


PACADS is totally different from other cyclers and matrix program, its customized script, which will pay to each and every members who will join PACADS, system is designed very carefully because we are aware with Cycler/Matrix stall problems, here we are going to force top members and your sponsor whenever he earn $100 put back $20 in to system, because after receive 600% they need to help down liners too, or who don't have referrals or position under them yet, so new comer will also earn, so if you are new don't worry just purchase positions on PHASE 1 , Mini phase, and micro phase or any one, and wait little bit be patience, your turn will come very fast, in between you can see cash links and earn your seed money,